TMS Therapy


If you have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), tried several anti-depressant medications with poor results, or if you prefer a non-medicated and non-invasive treatment for your depression without the side effects of medication, TMS may be for you. It’s an alternative treatment option to ongoing psychotherapy and medication management of depression.


In depressed patients, the electrical activity in certain areas of the brain is reduced. Using TMS targeted at these areas, we aim to re-awaken these cells, thereby increasing brain activity to more normal levels. TMS does this by using a focused electromagnet to rapidly pulse a magnetic field to the targeted area. The magnetic pulses induce an electrical current in the brain which stimulates the cells into activity.

Shore Clinical TMS & Wellness Center uses a MagVenture repetitive TMS machine and Brainsway DeepTMS machine. Both machine’s are safe, effective, and offer shorter treatment sessions than other TMS machines.


  • FDA-approved – TMS therapy is safe and has been cleared by the FDA
  • Pain-free – TMS therapy is completely pain-free
  • No systemic side effects – Unlike anti-depressant medications, TMS has no systemic side effects
  • Covered by insurance – All major insurance plans cover TMS
  • No medications – Live free of anti-depressants and their side effects

You will be seated in a comfortable chair, some measurements will be taken, and you will be provided with earplugs. You may feel tapping on your head under the treatment coil and hear a clicking sound. You will remain awake and alert throughout treatment. Many people read or watch television during their TMS treatment. Following your session, you will be able to drive home and you can resume normal activities for the rest of the day.

TMS has very few known side effects. The most common side effects are mild scalp discomfort or headaches during treatment, but treatment should not interfere with your normal activities.

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