TMS for Autism Spectrum

The Doctors continue their discussion of the use of MeRT, an emerging technology that attempts to reprogram abnormal electrical signals in the brain for children with autism. We welcome Miriam, whose daughter Raquel had this treatment.

 Amazing Results for Woman’s Daughter with Autism

Miriam says her daughter was not connecting with anyone, would not respond when spoken to, was not very verbal and would experience uncontrollable behavior that Miriam describes as worse than a tantrum and more like a panic attack. “It almost felt like she was being attacked by the world,” Miriam says. “Our family was in so much pain.”

She says after her daughter began the MeRT treatment, and Raquel’s life and her family’s life was changed. She says her daughter seemed finally comfortable in own skin and spoke for the first time in her life after just a few treatments. As treatments continued, she began expressing affection and emotions with Miriam, including kissing and hugging for the first time

See Incredible Before and after Footage of Woman’s Daughter with Autism

After just a month of MeRT treatment, Miriam says she felt like her family was “whole for the first time.” Now, Raquel is able to travel, is excelling in school and has been able to make friends.

In hopes that Leia’s son might benefit from MeRT like Miriam’s daughter did, Brain Treatment Center is offering them a full month of MeRT treatments at no cost to Leia’s. Also, Eagala and The Free Rein Foundation is offering Noam 10 sessions of equine therapy, and Holding Hands is offering Noam 24 sessions of music therapy.

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