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Patient Stories

Cindy’s story: I have nothing but good things to say about TMS

Cindy was, in her stepmother’s words, “a really sharp lady”, someone who was always calm and having it all together. That all changed when the depression hit. After 2½ years, the antidepressants quit working, “cold turkey.” A new treatment option was needed for Cindy. Her doctor suggested TMS. Within 2 weeks, the first small signs of improvement appeared. But that was just the beginning.

Charlie’s story: TMS has given me back my life

Complications following major surgery caused Charlie to become severely depressed. She tried “every medicine that there was which gave me major complications I just didn’t want to do anything and I stopped working” Charlie then tried MagVenture TMS Therapy, which, in her own words has “…given me back my life”.

Patient Testimonials

“My name is Saul. I was skeptical about TMS therapy. I have lived in depression a long time. I am fifty one, and I am on my fourteenth treatment. I see a lot of progress in myself. To someone normal, it may not seem like much, but since starting TMS, I don’t procrastinate as much, I don’t plug into negative emotions as much, I think clearer, I’m more honest with myself, I see a faint light at the end of the tunnel now, I smile more, and I’m hopeful about getting better. All of these things have eluded me for a long time. I’m not saying this to promote TMS, but I say this to give hope to the hopeless. Trust in the process, and see it to the end. Live free of the ghosts of yesterday, be kind to yourself, and give this a chance.”

Saul C.

“I have dealt with depression for over 50 years. I am 64 years old. I was bulimic for 14 years. No one knew of my mental health issues. I hid them well. I tried to make myself happy by doing things. I ran marathons and worked multiple jobs at one time while raising children. I tried many antidepressants, but I suffered with severe side effects. I told my story over and over again to many therapists to the point of being totally sick of hearing it. TMS has finally given me relief. I feel very happy and content. I now wake up thinking, “what can I do today?” Before, I would wake up thinking, “what do I have to do today?” The change seems simple, but it is actually very profound. Please be open-minded. TMS has changed my whole view on life.”


“I feel much more optimistic and positive about my life now. I look forward to waking up in the morning. I believe that there are many possibilities and opportunities in my future in this universe since the transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. Before this treatment, I did not think I would make it.”


“TMS has helped with my mood, depression, and anxiety. I have IBS and food sensitivity, and it helped the bad times not last as long. The TMS has helped with my nervous stomach. I was experiencing PTSD from these issues, and those feelings happen a lot less.”


“I found myself again. I have a reason to get up in the morning. I enjoy everything I do. I read again; before, I couldn’t concentrate. The staff is so friendly and yet professional. I have confidence to go out and get a job.”

Alice A.

“TMS treatments have been amazing. I was feeling feeling pretty down when I started, but now I feel amazing! The staff is very friendly, and I feel like I made new friends. They are amazing. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Donna C.

"This office has always been helpful and goes above and beyond. Dr. Gowda is great!! Highly recommend."

Kendall B.

"I have attended TMS sessions .it seemed, to me, that this (TMS) was the answer to helping me improve my mental mood and my daily living, because it is a physical process, instead of just taking pills.There is light at the end of the tunnel!"

Barbara L

"I was having a hard time with anxiety and depression. I tried a few things but nothing seemed to really work. I heard about TMS. I didn’t believe it but I was feeling pretty lost. I figured what the heck. I think it was about two weeks and I started sleeping and actually eating food that wasn’t out of a vending machine. I just finished my treatment and my friends are telling me I’m so much happier. I didn’t realize it but I had become so negative. I’m now positive. I’m dating and I actually like getting dressed up again. The people at Dr Gowda’s office were nice. The treatments were quick. I’m thankful for Dr Gowda, his staff and TMS. Once the gym opens, I’ll be even happier. TMS really helped me. I would definitely recommend it."

carol vanacore

Don't listen to the offended thin skinned patients out there,  Remember they have issues... Well, so does every human being walking on this planet for that matter,lolFact is Doctor Gowda's operation runs like a Fine well oiled machine..from the moment you are greeted by the receptionists who no matter how busy they are greet you with respect and kindness ,to the technicians ,the treatment..each and every staff member is professional , well educated and passionate about what they do, oh and friendly as well, not talking fake phony smiles but real genuine good hearted caring people.And Doctor Gowda ! I had the pleasure of chatting with him aside from scheduled review..Down to earth real people...Dedicated knowledgeable ,Passionate..his successful practice is a reflection of the man himself...Solid hard working..he's always there ..up to 12 hours a day all days of of operating hours..hand on, he's all about the patients...Keep doing what you do best Doctor Gowda.This community needs people like you and your practice..Thank you ! Daniel Meranus

Dreamline I.


Thank you so much Dr. Gowda and staff!!  ❤❤❤❤❤

“Hi, my name is David, and if you are suffering with severe depression, I ask that you read my entire story.  I have suffered from severe depression for most of my life.  I am 46 years old and have been suffering for years now.  Like most, life has not always been easy for me.  Within a 7 year period I had to deal with having cancer (cancer free now), losing the love of my life, I was stabbed in the back and let go from my dream job where I had a very high ranking position, I lost my Mother, and have been stuck in a job that has gone no where with much lower pay for years now. “

Like I said, life has been rough.  On top of what was happening on the outside, the inner me wasn’t dealing very well either and after being so depressed for so long I found myself becoming suicidal.  In 2018 I started seeing a therapist that taught me so much.  I followed all of his suggestions and even after working on myself nothing got rid of the underlying negativity that was responsible for my anxiety and my panic attacks as well as my growing depression.  I used to walk around with my entire body clenched from the moment I woke up til my head hit the pillow at night.  I wanted to get better but therapy was not enough.  I had tried several prescriptions from Dr.s but none seemed to offer me real relief, or if a medication did help, it didn’t work for long.  ”

“The process was a long one but painless.  Near the end of the 3rd week going into the 4th week of treatments I started waking up in the morning and that underlying negativity that started my day for years was gone.  I then saw the negativity that held me in the dark was gone.  It was the most incredible sensation I’ve ever experienced!  In fact, I had been living in my dark place for so long that when it was no longer there I didn’t know what to think about or how to feel.  All I know is that they were the happiest 5 days in my life.  I would even sit there and try to think of the things that brought sorrow, and my brain just wouldn’t go there.  It was like a whole new world, where I was the alien.
I was happy again, and it was easy to be happy.  I started putting to practice what I had learned from therapy again, and everything came together for me.  I lost 15 lbs during the treatment because I was able to stop overeating to feel better.  I FEEL GREAT!!!  I am not the same person I was before TMS and I couldn’t be more grateful!!!     TMS has done such wonderful things for me that I am now living at my best and highest and believe me, without TMS I would have ended my life!!!  So PLEASE don’t give up and see what it will do for you!!!!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!  Good Luck!”


David H

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