Treatment is a collaborative effort using both supportive and cognitive behavioral therapy methods. We will work together to develop the appropriate coping skills, perspective and supports that are needed to address the identified issues. I have over 15 years of full time experience as both an individual therapist and couples counselor, and over 20 years in the social service field. I welcome the opportunity to work together on the agreed upon goals and objectives, in order to achieve a successful result. My services focus on treating the adult population, 18 years of age and older, for individual and couples counseling.

The first appointment is an intake assessment in order to identify specific issues,symptoms,and stressors. Then therapy sessions begin with treatment planning to develop agreed upon goals and objectives. Rapport building, trust, openness,and a desire to engage are necessary elements in this professional relationship.

Our office is situated in a private, professional, and comfortable setting, with ample parking and an elevator in our building to assist individuals with disabilities. I provide convenient office hours Monday through Thursday and work with Dr. Srisai Gowda, MD, who can provide medication evaluation and monitoring as needed.