Jeannette is a Medical Technician at Shore Clinical TMS Wellness Center.
She is a patient, caring and loving person that wants to go that extra mile to make people feel better. She is proud to be a member to one of Jersey shores first transcranial magnetic stimulation wellness centers located in Linwood, New Jersey. Her first degree out of high school consisted of surgical technologist – some years later she got her training as a medical assistant. She had the pleasure of working with some of South Jersey’s top-notch dermatologists. While honing her skills in the medical field she stumbled across transcranial magnetic stimulation (i.e. the future of medicine).
She wants to work with you every inch of the way to obtain your goals of psychological wellness. She is proud to work under Dr. Gowda & the team as we change lives every day one person at a time. Together we will make a difference.