Genetic testing for mental health medications

If you have ever tried a medication that did not work or caused an adverse reaction, it may be due to genetic incompatibility. Every single one of us has a unique set of DNA that, among many other things, determines how our bodies will react to medications. Technology has advanced to the point where genetic screenings can improve success rates in medications by matching individuals with drugs that they are most compatible with.

Drug-gene testing, also known as pharmacogenomics or pharmacogenetics, is the study of how an individual’s genes affect their body’s response to drugs. By conducting genetic testing for medications, we can take much of the guesswork out of finding the right prescription for our patients. It is smart prescribing for mental health medications.

Based on findings from the STAR*D trial with depression patients, two-thirds of patients will not achieve complete relief from the first medication they try. Psychiatric medications are known to be difficult to match with patients. It can take a significant amount of trial and error to find a good match that produces effective results for the patient. Genetic testing capabilities give us a better chance at successfully matching patients with the right medication the first time.

Genomind or testing at Shore Clinical TMS & Wellness Center

Shore Clinical TMS Wellness has partnered with the industry leader in mental health medication gene testing, Genomind. Genomind has a strong reputation in the industry with proven results. Genetic medication testing is a simple three-step process with results produced quickly.

Genomind’s New York lab prides itself on quality assurance. They uniquely test every sample twice to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Therefore, you can rest assured you’re getting the best results.

Does my insurance cover genetic medication testing?

The coverage of genetic medication testing for mental health is dependent on the patient’s specific insurance policy. More and more insurance companies are covering genetic testing, though some may have specific requirements or prerequisites around coverage of the test. Genomind can assist patients in determining out-of-pocket testing costs by working directly with the patient’s insurance company. Genomind will contact the patient directly to discuss the cost before processing the sample.
If the patient’s insurance company does not cover the cost of the test, the patient can opt to pay out-of-pocket.

What are the next steps to participate in genetic medication testing?

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