Family Therapy

Conflicts are a common occurrence in family life. Families evolve over time and it can be extremely difficult to adjust to the changes. Family conflict and family dysfunction affect each member of the family differently and can be highly disruptive. Families should be a safe place and a source of love and support. This is not to say that families will always get along as there will obviously be occasional disagreements along the way. However, when disagreements, arguing, and conflict become the norm, family therapy in South Jersey can help. Working through conflicts, listening to one another, and finding common ground can be therapeutic and work to strengthen the family unit.

What are common reasons to seek family therapy?

Some of the most common family issues can include:

What are the signs of family issues?

Signs that the family experiencing issues may benefit from family therapy include:

If your family is struggling with any of the family issues listed above, it’s time to find help with NJ therapy services at the family therapy treatment center.

What’s involved in treatment for family issues?

When one or more family members experience challenging or difficult times, it can affect the entire family unit. Family therapy in NJ can assist with communication difficulties, coping with recent changes, providing the space to process any difficulties, and ultimately increase connection among the family. Our clinicians at Shore Clinical TMS & Wellness Center utilize various types of family therapy modalities including:

We may recommend intensive outpatient programs and medication-assisted treatment programs after performing a psychiatric evaluation if we believe that you require a higher level of care at the time of consultation.

What other therapeutic services are available at Shore Clinical TMS & Wellness Center?

Located in Linwood, New Jersey, Shore Clinical TMS Wellness offers individualized treatment that brings you back to your inner spirit, a healthier mindset and physical wellness. Along with family therapy, we also offer:

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