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Dreamline I.

Don't listen to the offended thin skinned patients out there,  Remember they have issues... Well, so does every human being walking on this planet for that matter,lolFact is Doctor Gowda's operation runs like a Fine well oiled machine..from the moment you are greeted by the receptionists who no matter how busy they are greet you with respect and kindness ,to the technicians ,the treatment..each and every staff member is professional , well educated and passionate about what they do, oh and friendly as well, not talking fake phony smiles but real genuine good hearted caring people.And Doctor Gowda ! I had the pleasure of chatting with him aside from scheduled review..Down to earth real people...Dedicated knowledgeable ,Passionate..his successful practice is a reflection of the man himself...Solid hard working..he's always there ..up to 12 hours a day all days of of operating hours..hand on, he's all about the patients...Keep doing what you do best Doctor Gowda.This community needs people like you and your practice..Thank you ! Daniel Meranus

Kendall B. Designation

This office has always been helpful and goes above and beyond. Dr. Gowda is great!! Highly recommend.

Barbara L

I have attended TMS sessions .it seemed, to me, that this (TMS) was the answer to helping me improve my mental mood and my daily living, because it is a physical process, instead of just taking pills.There is light at the end of the tunnel!

carol vanacore

I was having a hard time with anxiety and depression. I tried a few things but nothing seemed to really work. I heard about TMS. I didn’t believe it but I was feeling pretty lost. I figured what the heck. I think it was about two weeks and I started sleeping and actually eating food that wasn’t out of a vending machine. I just finished my treatment and my friends are telling me I’m so much happier. I didn’t realize it but I had become so negative. I’m now positive. I’m dating and I actually like getting dressed up again. The people at Dr Gowda’s office were nice. The treatments were quick. I’m thankful for Dr Gowda, his staff and TMS. Once the gym opens, I’ll be even happier. TMS really helped me. I would definitely recommend it.